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It doesn’t look like much yet…

  But I’ve planted broccoli, lettuce, spinach, onions, and carrots. We’re on our way to some good eatin’!

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My Garden Just Keeps Giving!

  The crows have given up. But they just keep growin!           Can anyone say, “big ol pot a soup!”?

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Decided for lunch today to just go grab a bit from the garden. I’ve waited patiently for carrots (which I’ve never grown before) so I just HAD to dig one to see if they’re growing. Hooray!  I have carrots!

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I Planted Root Crops Today

I planted root crops today, because Farmer’s Almanac told me to. I planted carrot seeds, bulb onions, garlic, new potatoes and regular potatoes. And now, I wait some more!

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