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Well, I was told that I planted the broccoli too late and, therefore, wouldn’t get broccoli this year.  My sister said that was bunk. I am thrilled to report to my sister that all of my broccoli plants are bearing … Continue reading

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How are my potatoes?

Did I “hill” them enough? They’re flowering, which means the baby potatoes are forming. Is it too late to hill them more now? So many great sites online. This one, Northwest Gardening, says: “Once the leaves are about a foot … Continue reading

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What to do with Broccoli Leaves

We found the greatest recipe for using broccoli leaves. Broccoli Chips! We cut the leaves and took out the stalk. Stirred them in Olive Oil. Sprinkled with seasoning salt and garlic. Baked 350* for 8 minutes. We also sprinkled some … Continue reading

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Broccoli and Potato plant Leaves

I have the biggest, most gorgeous broccoli leaves. Maybe everyone who grows broccoli has them, I don’t know because this is my first year as a gardener. But, I’ve been wondering, what can you do with those wonderful broccoli leaves? … Continue reading

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What’s Happening to my Potatoes?

I wrote this question to my brother-in-law because he is quite the gardener (well, he gives all the credit to his mother).  At any rate: “My potato plants grew up into beautiful bushes.  Now they have fallen over and have … Continue reading

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Watering and Waiting

May.  Hmmm. So much has been planted and now I just tend it while it grows. Actually, I’m quite thrilled that there’s nothing now for me to screw up except the watering. Thank goodness I’m not in charge of cell … Continue reading

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May Garden

I love my garden! Someone told me last night that my lettuce won’t last much longer because it’s getting too hot out.  What?!?!?!  It’s only the first week of May!  When do you grow lettuce? And, apparently I was too … Continue reading

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Gardening Jobs for May

There is no better resource than the Farmer’s Almanac! Weed perennial beds with special care to avoid pulling up precious self-sown seedlings. When you can tell for sure what’s what, pull the weeds and top-dress the plants with compost or … Continue reading

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I read somewhere about potatoes..

That, when they begin to grow, you should continue to mound mulch and dirt around the base.  Don’t let potatoes see the sun! So, I dug up a bunch of old leaf and grass mulch from the side yard and … Continue reading

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Avoid Pesticides

If you don’t have your own garden, like I do.. the second best way to avoid pesticide residue on foods is to buy organic produce — USDA rules prohibit the use of pesticides on any crop with the certified organic … Continue reading

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