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How (and why) to Use Your Leaves

It’s Fall!!! And all that wonderful gold is falling from the trees, just as Mother Nature intended, to protect the ground and plantings from winter ice and to make amazing soil for Spring growth. I ask the yard crew to … Continue reading

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Gardening in Small Spaces

I left my lush, two acre southern gardens and came north to visit my son and daughter-in-law whose garden is a condo patio. Completely different way to think about gardening. When looking online for small space gardening tips, we came … Continue reading

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Companion Planting

Garden BFFs? Why Your Vegetables Are Begging for Companion Plants Houzz– Kitchen, Bathroom and More » Find Home Improvement Professionals– For Example: Birmingham Contractor · Oklahoma City Contractor · Orange County Contractor · Hawaii Contractor · Philadelphia Contractor · New York Contractor · Manchester Nh Contractor · Salt … Continue reading

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Had My Garden Tilled Today!

I’m so ready to plant.. What’s first?

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Pond Algae

It was 70* today and I had the best time in the yard.  Spent the day prepping this area to be my new herb garden.  It’s a large area all around this pond and very fertile.  I had some herbs … Continue reading

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I’m so Ready to Plant!

It’s supposed to be about 70* this weekend so I’ll be out in the yard! Planning to fertilize and compost rose bushes Saturday.  Cleaning up and prepping the herb garden on Sunday.  Monday, Jay is coming over to help compost … Continue reading

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June Garden

It’s constantly different. The lettuce is almost gone. The spinach is gone. I’ve pulled up the broccoli but the tomato and bean plants are flourishing as are all the herbs. Potatoes are looking a bit ragged.  They were my favorites, … Continue reading

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Gardening Jobs for May

There is no better resource than the Farmer’s Almanac! Weed perennial beds with special care to avoid pulling up precious self-sown seedlings. When you can tell for sure what’s what, pull the weeds and top-dress the plants with compost or … Continue reading

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Planting for the Seasons

Spring: Plant cool season crops.  Spinach, carrots, radishes, snap peas, chard, lettuces. Summer: Pull cool season crops and plant warm season ones.  Chard, beans, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes. Fall: Remove summer crops.  Leave tomatoes, lettuces, chard, broccoli, brussel sprouts.

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Herbs I’m Planting

till the soil 12″-24″ deep mix in 6″ layer of compost or sphagnum peat moss to top 12″ add a little perlite to improve drainage a little organic fertilizer helps ph = 6-7 1/2 water herbs at the ground. they … Continue reading

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