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Green Bean Harvest

Here is today’s harvest – about 10 pounds of green beans! They are amazing and more on the bushes. Time to blanch and freeze! Oh, yeah – and broccoli.

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Broccoli and Beans

Hooray! I have a broccoli florette already! Gonna be a great growing season! Continue reading

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It doesn’t look like much yet…

  But I’ve planted broccoli, lettuce, spinach, onions, and carrots. We’re on our way to some good eatin’!

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I Have Broccoli!!!

  Here’s proof!   And, I’m about ready to fry some broccoli leaves!  Ummmmmm, broccoli chips!   I planted on March 14th, these photos were taken May 1st.  48 days!   Aren’t broccoli plants gorgeous?

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Lettuce, Broccoli & Spinach are Gone

Well, it’s finally happened. I pulled up the last of the lettuce. sigh… I loved having the fresh salads daily for the last 7 weeks but, alas, 90* temps have overtaken the lettuce, broccoli and spinach.  I will certainly be … Continue reading

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Blanching & Freezing Broccoli

Guess what I’m doing today? More ready than I can possibly eat at one time!

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We’re going to eat Broccoli tonight!

I just harvested the first broccoli head! I don’t even care if it tastes good because it looks so beautiful! Thank you, Mother Nature!

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Well, I was told that I planted the broccoli too late and, therefore, wouldn’t get broccoli this year.  My sister said that was bunk. I am thrilled to report to my sister that all of my broccoli plants are bearing … Continue reading

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What to do with Broccoli Leaves

We found the greatest recipe for using broccoli leaves. Broccoli Chips! We cut the leaves and took out the stalk. Stirred them in Olive Oil. Sprinkled with seasoning salt and garlic. Baked 350* for 8 minutes. We also sprinkled some … Continue reading

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Broccoli and Potato plant Leaves

I have the biggest, most gorgeous broccoli leaves. Maybe everyone who grows broccoli has them, I don’t know because this is my first year as a gardener. But, I’ve been wondering, what can you do with those wonderful broccoli leaves? … Continue reading

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