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Bird Nesting Time!

  The birds have started pulling the fibers out of the Alpaca Nesting Ball, so that can mean only one thing… Bird Nesting Time!!     I put out my birdhouses this morning in anticipation of the babies to come, … Continue reading

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Breaking Down Leaves

How to break down the last of those fall leaves that you use to fill your flower beds? Kevin Lee Jacobs suggests Cottonseed Meal. Continue reading

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How to Get Hummingbirds in Your Yard!

  We have a lot of hummingbirds and I always want more! They’re so tiny and amazing. Here’s a great post I found on Houzz. Enjoy!

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How to Keep Squirrels out of Your Birdfeeders

Got birdfeeders? Then I bet you have squirrels! I have birdfeeders – lots and lots of birdfeeders. I go through about 25 pounds of birdseed a month. And, as much as I love feeding the birds, feeding the squirrels is … Continue reading

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Japanese Maples

I’m a HUGE fan of Japanese Maples. I don’t even know how many I have! 13 Japanese Maples for Shade

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March Gardens

It’s exactly mid-March and I can’t believe how much is already peaking out in the gardens! I love this time of year when I find new sprouts every day. Fabulous North Carolina      (zone 7).             … Continue reading

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Angel Trumpet

Well, perhaps I spoke too soon. My Angel Trumpet is still blooming! Continue reading

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