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March Gardens

It’s exactly mid-March and I can’t believe how much is already peaking out in the gardens! I love this time of year when I find new sprouts every day. Fabulous North Carolina      (zone 7).             … Continue reading

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Why Plant a Lawn?

Since the 1800s, Americans have been trying to emulate expansive aristocratic estates in Europe – but why??? Why do we now consider a flat, green lawn to be the most beautiful use of space? It certainly isn’t efficient when you … Continue reading

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Gardening in Small Spaces

I left my lush, two acre southern gardens and came north to visit my son and daughter-in-law whose garden is a condo patio. Completely different way to think about gardening. When looking online for small space gardening tips, we came … Continue reading

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Spring Planting

Saturday (March 16) it was 72 degrees F here so I just had to get out in the garden to spring plant! In the vegetable garden I planted: Red Leaf Lettuce seed 8 packs of Lettuce plants 4 baby Broccoli … Continue reading

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I planted.  I waited. 7 days later, Sprouts!  Lettuce and spinach.  My sister questions why they took so long.  I believe they created a solid foundation and I will have the most amazing lettuce and spinach all season long! The … Continue reading

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Moon Phases

Speaking of when to plant, we need to know when the moon is waxing (growing – best time to plant above ground plants) and when the moon is waning (shrinking – best time to plant root crops).  So, I found … Continue reading

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We Planted!

I checked Farmer’s Almanac.  Today is a good day to plant.  Tomorrow and Monday, no. So, we planted.  Potatoes, beans, lettuces, broccoli, spinach, even herbs.  I’ve been told not to plant before April 15, but we don’t have any frost … Continue reading

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