Moon Phases


Speaking of when to plant, we need to know when the moon is waxing (growing – best time to plant above ground plants) and when the moon is waning (shrinking – best time to plant root crops).  So, I found this great site  When I look up at the sky, I can’t tell when it’s getting larger and when it’s getting smaller so, hopefully, this chart will help.

And here’s great info I got from my sister’s site:

WAXING MOON (the moon is growing, pulling plants upwards)
Full phase, Annual Flowers, Hay, Cereal Grains & Oil Seeds, Cucumbers, Melons, Leeks and Shallots.
Week 1, plant or plant out green leafy vegetables (lettuce, basil, celery…). Good for plants that bear seeds on the outside
Week 2, plant or plant out fruiting/seeding plants (eggplant, capsicum, tomatoes…). Good for plants that bear seeds on the inside.

WANING MOON (the moon is shrinking, pulling plants down into the ground)
Week 1, Roots vegetables (potatoes, radishes, carots…). Also perennial fruit plants, vegetables and herbs. It’s also the time to take cuttings and divide plants.

Also, NO PLANTING 12 hours before and after the change of phases: New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter.

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