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the First Harvest

I just had to harvest in April.  My first harvest from my very first garden. Lettuces, spinach, parsley, and basil. Tonight, we have fresh salad greens.  Hooray!

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Mosquito Control

Types of natural mosquito repelling plant: Basil – basil is not just good in your pasta dish… it is good to keep those pests at bay come summertime.  Plant them in small table height planters and watch them be decorative & … Continue reading

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Thanks to Ellen Berry for this great site, Dave’s Garden.  I am going to try some lemongrass! ** Update ** My sister bought some lemongrass for me.  I understand that it will die in our winters so I’ll be bringing … Continue reading

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Soil, moisture, wind, humidity – by the hour?!

Want to know everything about the state climate in North Carolina?  By the hour? Wind, air, humidity, soil, on and on.  Everything you ever wanted to know and more. Check out the State Climate office of North Carolina.  If we … Continue reading

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Today, Laura and I planted a bunch more hostas and fern. We also planted our rhubarb! With everything I’ve planted / am planting, surely something will grow up to be beautiful! I am loving every minute of my wonderful yard!

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Global Days of Service

What did you do for Global Days of Service – April 17 & 18? We planted some more trees in our yard.  This time, fruit trees.  I’ll let you know how they do, when and if we get fruit! I … Continue reading

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8 Great Perennial Vegetables

* Asparagus: Grows best in full sun and non-soggy, somewhat sandy soil. I like it cut into one-inch pieces and stir fried raw with sesame oil and a little sliced ginger (top with toasted sesame seeds). Or, brush with olive … Continue reading

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Laura and I spent a good part of the afternoon pulling up dandelions. Kind of fun, actually.  And very rewarding.  We each had a bag full.  I’m worried about going out again to look tomorrow…  We saw no more dandelions … Continue reading

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Looking for a ground cover.  I’m trying to buy only edibles from here on out.  And, I need ground cover so my sister suggested Watercress.  Comments? “It will grow quite happily in very moist soil or a bucket of water!  … Continue reading

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My Hostas are Here!

Thank you Hosta Farm for sending my order so promptly. We planted hostas and ferns and are waiting patiently… And, the first of our beans have sprouted!  Everything’s looking so good.  Blueberry bushes are happy, the black raspberry bushes are… … Continue reading

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