DandelionsLaura and I spent a good part of the afternoon pulling up dandelions.

Kind of fun, actually.  And very rewarding.  We each had a bag full.  I’m worried about going out again to look tomorrow…  We saw no more dandelions when we ended!

I love my dandelion puller!

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2 Responses to Dandelions

  1. 48 hours later we saw one or two…. thousand of the little beasts. Luckily Karen and I both enjoy squatting in her back yard communig with nature. We’ve even hardened our hearts enough so that we don’t feel guilty about wiping out the nastiest bits of it. You can call me Agent Orange and Karen, Napalm.

    Dandelion control is obviously a lifelong commitment but there are worse ways to spend a Saturday morning.

  2. Karen says:

    First, we spent our Thursday afternoon. Today we spent our Saturday morning. I have to say, I was a bit disheartened to go out less than 48 hours after we cleaned the yard only to find, what seemed to be, more than the first go. Oh, well, we shall persevere!

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