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Happy Birthday, Dad! Today’s my dad’s birthday, and in honor of my dad, I planted a strawberry patch.  When the berries are ripe, I will require him to fly here to harvest them! Farmer’s Almanac had nothing to say about … Continue reading

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I Planted Root Crops Today

I planted root crops today, because Farmer’s Almanac told me to. I planted carrot seeds, bulb onions, garlic, new potatoes and regular potatoes. And now, I wait some more!

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I planted.  I waited. 7 days later, Sprouts!  Lettuce and spinach.  My sister questions why they took so long.  I believe they created a solid foundation and I will have the most amazing lettuce and spinach all season long! The … Continue reading

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Fruit Cocktail

Here’s my little “fruit cocktail” tree.  When I saw it last year at Lowes Hardware, I just had to have it. $20?  What the heck.  I laughed when I saw it.  Apricot, peach, nectarine and plum all grafted into the … Continue reading

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Today I Planted!

Lettuce seeds, spinach seeds, spring onions, broccoli. Waiting for the Farmer’s Market to tell me I can plant the carrots, garlic, bulb onions and potatoes. And, my new garden had its fist visitor.  I thought he was coming for seeds … Continue reading

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Parsley through the winter?

Have you ever had parsley live through the winter?  We’re in North Carolina and we had a number of snows this past winter but, here it is! I brought in most of the parsley knowing the cold would kill them … Continue reading

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Pond Algae

It was 70* today and I had the best time in the yard.  Spent the day prepping this area to be my new herb garden.  It’s a large area all around this pond and very fertile.  I had some herbs … Continue reading

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