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Happy Birthday, Dad! Today’s my dad’s birthday, and in honor of my dad, I planted a strawberry patch.  When the berries are ripe, I will require him to fly here to harvest them! Farmer’s Almanac had nothing to say about … Continue reading

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I Planted Root Crops Today

I planted root crops today, because Farmer’s Almanac told me to. I planted carrot seeds, bulb onions, garlic, new potatoes and regular potatoes. And now, I wait some more!

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I planted.  I waited. 7 days later, Sprouts!  Lettuce and spinach.  My sister questions why they took so long.  I believe they created a solid foundation and I will have the most amazing lettuce and spinach all season long! The … Continue reading

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Fruit Cocktail

Here’s my little “fruit cocktail” tree.  When I saw it last year at Lowes Hardware, I just had to have it. $20?  What the heck.  I laughed when I saw it.  Apricot, peach, nectarine and plum all grafted into the … Continue reading

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Today I Planted!

Lettuce seeds, spinach seeds, spring onions, broccoli. Waiting for the Farmer’s Market to tell me I can plant the carrots, garlic, bulb onions and potatoes. And, my new garden had its fist visitor.  I thought he was coming for seeds … Continue reading

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Parsley through the winter?

Have you ever had parsley live through the winter?  We’re in North Carolina and we had a number of snows this past winter but, here it is! I brought in most of the parsley knowing the cold would kill them … Continue reading

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Pond Algae

It was 70* today and I had the best time in the yard.  Spent the day prepping this area to be my new herb garden.  It’s a large area all around this pond and very fertile.  I had some herbs … Continue reading

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Moon Phases

Speaking of when to plant, we need to know when the moon is waxing (growing – best time to plant above ground plants) and when the moon is waning (shrinking – best time to plant root crops).  So, I found … Continue reading

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When to Plant

Last year, my first “try” at gardening, I enthusiastically planted some things in spite of Farmer’s Almanac warnings. Those were a disaster. Anything I planted when Farmer’s Almanac advised grew quickly and grew healthy. This year, Farmer’s Almanac is my … Continue reading

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I’m so Ready to Plant!

It’s supposed to be about 70* this weekend so I’ll be out in the yard! Planning to fertilize and compost rose bushes Saturday.  Cleaning up and prepping the herb garden on Sunday.  Monday, Jay is coming over to help compost … Continue reading

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