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January is For the Birds!

Please, don’t forget them! When the water and ground are frozen, it can be hard for our feathery friends to find food and drink. Be sure to leave out seeds, nuts, berries, and water to protect these beautiful beings. Happy … Continue reading

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Tips for Saving Money in Your Garden

If you live in or near Guilford County, North Carolina, here is a great tip for where to get cheap mulch and a great deal on plants. How cheap? At the Guilford County Cooperative Extension, you can buy 48 plants … Continue reading

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Gardening Jobs for May

There is no better resource than the Farmer’s Almanac! Weed perennial beds with special care to avoid pulling up precious self-sown seedlings. When you can tell for sure what’s what, pull the weeds and top-dress the plants with compost or … Continue reading

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Mosquito Control

Types of natural mosquito repelling plant: Basil – basil is not just good in your pasta dish… it is good to keep those pests at bay come summertime.  Plant them in small table height planters and watch them be decorative & … Continue reading

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So much to order, so little time!

Oh, my gosh. Jay Pridgen sent me this great site, Direct Gardening, as a source for reading and learning about lighting conditions for plants: “It’s a great resource for getting ideas.. I’ve ordered some plants but a few died &  … Continue reading

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Thanks for the Preplanned Vegetable Garden!

Last frost date around here is April 15.  DO NOT plant anything except cool weather stuff ( peas, broccoli, spinach cauliflower to name a few) before then. And don’t plant those until the very last of Feb or the first … Continue reading

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Thanks so much for all the information!

I’ve gotten so much feedback on Facebook in response to my cry for gardening help. My dear friend Mimi Pate absolutely jumped in with both feet and I’m going to post her suggestions and help here so I don’t forget … Continue reading

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