Thanks for the Preplanned Vegetable Garden!

Last frost date around here is April 15.  DO NOT plant anything except cool weather stuff ( peas, broccoli, spinach cauliflower to name a few) before then.

High Yield Garden

Seriously? 50 lbs. in 18 sq.ft.?

And don’t plant those until the very last of Feb or the first couple of weeks in March.
The soil needs to be at least 60 degrees (night-time temp) for things like beans.
Eggplant squash tomatoes and corn all like the soil and the air temp much higher.
Google any vegetable you are going to plant and find out the pertinent info.
Plant it and Forget it

This sounds like my style of gardening..

Thanks to Karen Small for all this info and for the site with the Preplanned Vegetable Garden!
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