So much to order, so little time!

Oh, my gosh. Jay Pridgen sent me this great site, Direct Gardening, as a source for reading and learning about lighting conditions for plants:

“It’s a great resource for getting ideas.. I’ve ordered some plants but a few died &  it’s a huge hassle to try to I’d rather buy an established plant @ Lowes or Home Depot..

There is a guy @ the Farmers Market on Sandy Ridge that has great deals on shrubs & plants..dunno when he starts the season as I haven’t been out there this year (yet)..but I think his 1 gallon Hostas were $5 last year..bought a Butterfly Bush from him 2 yrs ago & it’s HUGE… I keep it cut back because it blocks view of the koi pond & will stick out into the walkway path in the back.

I built an Arbor in the backyard a few months ago & planted a Jasmine on one side. opposite of the koi pond..I’m digging about 12-16″ of the dirt under it & want a little step down with slate or rock..not sure yet..getting the labor work done & will decide..always doing something..keeps me outta trouble..ya know?”

Have a great day.. 62 degrees..OMG.. I love it !!! JaYbird”

Thanks, Jay, for this info. I’m loving shopping here from the winter warmth inside my home! Planting season is on its way and I’ll be ready!

So much to decide!Hostas

Can I grow Raspberries along the creek?

I love the June Berry for a big pot on the porch.

And is this  a good ordering source for my Hostas..?

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