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Regrowth from Last Season!

We had such a mild winter that everything survived. The only herbs that died were the basil and tomatoes (do tomatoes count?). In the garden, besides what I’ve planted, from last year onions and potatoes are already coming up. Here … Continue reading

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My Garden Just Keeps Giving!

  The crows have given up. But they just keep growin!           Can anyone say, “big ol pot a soup!”?

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Hilling Potatoes with Straw

Wheat Rye Oat straw How do you hill potatoes?  I started with yard/garden/kitchen mulch, progressed to bags of garden soil, now I’ve moved onto wheat/rye/oat straw.  Saw this on an online video.  Certainly less expensive than soil! From what I … Continue reading

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I Planted Root Crops Today

I planted root crops today, because Farmer’s Almanac told me to. I planted carrot seeds, bulb onions, garlic, new potatoes and regular potatoes. And now, I wait some more!

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How are my potatoes?

Did I “hill” them enough? They’re flowering, which means the baby potatoes are forming. Is it too late to hill them more now? So many great sites online. This one, Northwest Gardening, says: “Once the leaves are about a foot … Continue reading

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Broccoli and Potato plant Leaves

I have the biggest, most gorgeous broccoli leaves. Maybe everyone who grows broccoli has them, I don’t know because this is my first year as a gardener. But, I’ve been wondering, what can you do with those wonderful broccoli leaves? … Continue reading

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What’s Happening to my Potatoes?

I wrote this question to my brother-in-law because he is quite the gardener (well, he gives all the credit to his mother).  At any rate: “My potato plants grew up into beautiful bushes.  Now they have fallen over and have … Continue reading

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I read somewhere about potatoes..

That, when they begin to grow, you should continue to mound mulch and dirt around the base.  Don’t let potatoes see the sun! So, I dug up a bunch of old leaf and grass mulch from the side yard and … Continue reading

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