Broccoli and Potato plant Leaves

Karen in the Garden

I have the biggest, most gorgeous broccoli leaves. Maybe everyone who grows broccoli has them, I don’t know because this is my first year as a gardener.

But, I’ve been wondering, what can you do with those wonderful broccoli leaves?

broccoli raab = broccolirab = broccoli de rape = broccoli de rabe = brocoletti di rape = brocoletto = rappi = rape = raab = rapini = cima di rapa = cima di rabe = choy sum = Chinese flowering cabbage.  This slightly bitter cooking green has long been popular in Italy and is now catching on in America. It’s best to just eat the florets and leaves; the stems are quite bitter.

Potato Leaves

And, I wondered the same thing about the gorgeous potato plants. Someone told me that Asians use the leaves of the potato plants in their cooking. However, WikiAnswers said: Potato leaves are poisonous. Potato leaves, flowers, sprouts and green or “sun-scalded” potatoes contain a glycoalkaloid that is a natural defense mechanism to protect the plant from predators. I believe the name of the glycoalkaloid is solanine, and is also found in the leaves of tomatoes. I do not advise this, but you can leave a potato in the sunlight for some days until it turns green. Then cook and eat it. You probably won’t die, but the headache you’ll get might make you wish you had. Solanine toxic effects tarket the gastrointestinal, liver, heart. Eating potato leaves can, in fact, kill you. .

So, ok, I’m convinced. I need to learn about eating the broccoli leaves but forget about the potato plants!

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11 Responses to Broccoli and Potato plant Leaves

  1. OMG – your garden is glorious! What have you been feeding it? I’m so impressed, you’ve no idea.

  2. Karen says:

    Oh, it was all that good planting help. It is glorious!!! You have no idea!!! Come back, come back!

  3. Frank says:

    Amazing! Isn’t it great the way everything has grown in the span of a few short weeks. It really looks like in a garden show.

  4. Karen says:

    I really wish you guys were here. I just can’t believe this garden. And we’re cutting from it everyday and eating like crazy. I can’t keep up with the growth! Mother nature is truly amazing and, thankfully, takes care of everything in spite of my ignorance.

    Miss you bunches. Thanks for the garden help and support!

  5. And the beans? They are hidden behind the broccoli and what looks like a new tomato plant in your photo.

  6. Arminda says:

    I think that is my favorite picture you’ve ever posted – you hugging your garden! Love it! What a gorgeous display of the bounty of the earth. So proud of you!

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  8. Diana VanNote says:

    i cut them up and put them on my pizza with cheddar cheese and other garden veggies I grow.
    Diana vannote

  9. Karen says:

    Not the potato, I hope. I’ve read that those are toxic!

  10. Chieh Hsu says:

    Only specific types of “sweet potato leaves” are edible. :)

  11. Karen says:

    Good to know, Chieh. Thanks!

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