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I Love My Garden!

The last 2 days I’ve eaten fresh, homegrown, just-picked broccoli! The potato plants are 3 feet tall. The lettuce, spinach and all the herbs are flourishing and I pick them daily. Talk about reaping what you sow! There’s nothing more … Continue reading

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Hilling Potatoes with Straw

Wheat Rye Oat straw How do you hill potatoes?  I started with yard/garden/kitchen mulch, progressed to bags of garden soil, now I’ve moved onto wheat/rye/oat straw.  Saw this on an online video.  Certainly less expensive than soil! From what I … Continue reading

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First Salad of the Season!

The first salad of the season:  lettuce, spinach, lemon thyme, basil, fennel and parsley. So tasty – no need for dressing!

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Do you get many strawberries from your efforts?  I planted strawberry plants last season and have averaged about 3-4 berries per plant.  Actually, bugs and birds have gotten them… Any other plant, I’d have ripped them up and tossed them … Continue reading

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Lemongrass, Roman Chamomile and Creeping Thyme

      Today I planted:  Lemongrass         Roman Chamomile         Creeping Thyme     And, oh yeah, another Japanese Maple! A beautiful Fireglow. 6 Lemongrass line the driveway entry.  The Chamomile and Creeping … Continue reading

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Black Raspberries

  Can you see how absolutely laden with berries these plants are? I was told they should be ripe in about 3 weeks.  I can’t wait! Notice the amazing black raspberry color of the vines.  Absolutely beautiful plant.

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Sprayed my Tomato Plants

  Well, we’ve spotted aphids on the tomato plants so I sprayed them today. Water with baking soda, dishwashing detergent and a drop of cooking oil to help it stick! If we get tomatoes, they’ll be clean! Go away little … Continue reading

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I Have Broccoli!!!

  Here’s proof!   And, I’m about ready to fry some broccoli leaves!  Ummmmmm, broccoli chips!   I planted on March 14th, these photos were taken May 1st.  48 days!   Aren’t broccoli plants gorgeous?

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Soil and Mulch, Oh, my..

Today I spread 6 bags of Miracle Grow soil in the vegetable garden and 10 bags of mulch around the fountain area. My garden can never complain of neglect. I’ll sleep well tonight!  

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