I Have Broccoli!!!



Here’s proof!


And, I’m about ready to fry some broccoli leaves!  Ummmmmm, broccoli chips!


I planted on March 14th, these photos were taken May 1st.  48 days!


Aren’t broccoli plants gorgeous?

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3 Responses to I Have Broccoli!!!

  1. Again, absolutely zero evidence of bugs. Why don’t cabbage moths and aphids attack your broccoli? No leaf cutter bees? No catepillars? Nothing? It would be hard to find 2 leaves side-by-side in my garden without extreme evidence of animal activity and some beds are nearly decimated. What makes your garden so untasty? Why aren’t there any insects in Greensboro?

    And if you say marigolds and companion planting I’ll scream. That might dimish pests but it certainly won’t put them down to zero.

    Frank says we need to spray (poison since our organic attempts are like putting out a bush fire with a water pistol) if we don’t want bugs. Since we don’t want poison in our garden (we eat from there and so does our local bandicoot and so do the local birds who kill dozens of insects off our plants a day – that I see) we put up with bugs.

  2. Karen says:

    I’m holding my breath about the bugs.

    Last year, I attributed it to the fact that I had purchased the soil so it was all pristine. This year, I loaded the bed with compost from our backyard (and kitchen) so it’s full of bugs (and TONS of worms) and from time to time, I put more compost around the base of everything to help hold in moisture.

    So, we’ll see. We have evidence of something loving the flowers on the tomato plants so Jim wants me to spray. I told him the tomato plants are his responsibility. :)

    Actually, I think I’ll go spray them now with the famous water/dish detergent combo to see if that helps at all.

    Thanks for reading and writing!

  3. Water/dish detergent, bicarb soda, garlic… NOTHING works on my plants. I think my garden is sheltered, well watered, healthy and full of new, tender leaves so the bugs have all told their friends who have told their friends who have told………

    I just keep telling myself bugs have as much right to eat as I do *sigh*

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