Spring Planting

Spring Planting

Saturday (March 16) it was 72 degrees F here so I just had to get out in the garden to spring plant!

In the vegetable garden I planted:

  1. Red Leaf Lettuce seed
  2. 8 packs of Lettuce plants
  3. 4 baby Broccoli plants
  4. Flat Leaf Parsley seed
  5. Dill seed
  6. baby Chive plant
  7. Carrot seed

In the flower garden I planted:

    1. Peony
    2. Gladiolus
    3. Dahlia
    4. Nastursium Jewel Mix

and a couple of other things that were given to me but I don’t know what they are!

I have not planted a flower garden in the past, but I’ve been given so many bulbs, seeds, and starts by my gardening friends that I cannot say “no”! We’ll see what all the new learning opportunities bring this year.

So much more left to plant.

Happy Gardening!

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