Yellow Brugmansia – Angel Trumpet

Yellow Brugmansia

Yellow Brugmansia at full bloom.

Do you have, or have you ever had, a Brugmansia? They are lovely, as you see here. Mine is a yellow one and this is a photo showing it in it’s full glory. Fabulous.


Yellow Brugmansia

Yellow Brugmansia with faded blooms.

As beautiful as the blooms are, and they are spectacular, they last only about 3-5 days. Seriously.

Yellow Brugmansia

Yellow Brugmansia bloom.

My plant is in a pot on the deck and I literally have to water it every day, 7 days a week. A friend of mine planted hers in the ground and only watered once a week. So far, she’s had only one bloom.

Yellow Brugmansia

Yellow Brugmansia flower

As lovely as this is, I just don’t think it’s worth all the time and effort for one week of flowers. I don’t mind watering my tomato plants daily because they fruit for months. The Brugmansia simply doesn’t bring me the same satisfaction. This may be my only year with this plant.

Your experience?

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3 Responses to Yellow Brugmansia – Angel Trumpet

  1. Here people put these trees in their garden and they grow large and are full of flowers that last weeks. Each individual flower may be short lived but they keep on blooming. I think it’s a bit like hibiscus where each flower lasts only a single day but the tree is covered in flowers because it just keeps budding. Maybe your climate isn’t very good for it?

  2. Maria says:

    Laura is right the Angel Trumpet is awesome in your garden! I had a ruffled purple and white flowering one in Florida. When I moved here to NC I saw a neighbor had an Angel Trumpet up against the house and it survives winter! I plan to grow a few next year close to the house for protection from the cold. They are VERY easy to grow from seed. The pot you have her in is too small if you don’t want to be watering so much. A bit more room would give you a fuller looking tree. If you put a layer of mulch it would help retain water. If you really want her to bloom add a tablespoon of osmocote and you will see an explosion of flowers!:) Not sure if I spelled osmacote right but I know that’s close.

  3. Karen says:

    Thanks, Maria.

    That pot is huge so good to know it’s too small! Now I’m concerned about it surviving winter in the pot. I’m ready to cut it back and cover it with mulch to see if it will.

    If it survives winter, I’ll try putting it in the ground next Spring. Thanks for all your help!

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