BroccoliWell, I was told that I planted the broccoli too late and, therefore, wouldn’t get broccoli this year.  My sister said that was bunk.

I am thrilled to report to my sister that all of my broccoli plants are bearing and, according to the calendar, I have only about 2 weeks left before I can harvest.

BroccoliI now know that broccoli is a cool weather plant and will be planting them again in the fall.  I love my broccoli plants, leaves and all!

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2 Responses to Broccoli

  1. Is this beginners luck or what? Even on my tiny netbook screen your broccoli looks yummy. How come the aphids don’t agree with me? Cabbage moths have always eaten my broccoli (all twice that I tried growing it). Oh no, I feel that ugly green envy monster growing in me. I have to get back to Aus and try to plant broccoli – when the moon is waxing, right? (I must have planted during a waning moon – that’s the only explanation that makes sense.)

  2. Karen says:

    I swear, they doubled in size today. We had a thunderstorm then sunshine. Everything is so happy. Even I’m envious of my garden!

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