May Garden

May gardenI love my garden!

Someone told me last night that my lettuce won’t last much longer because it’s getting too hot out.  What?!?!?!  It’s only the first week of May!  When do you grow lettuce?

And, apparently I was too late for broccoli.  My plants look absolutely gorgeous, but he told me they’re cold weather plants so I, no doubt, will get no buds.

** So disappointed! **

Well, next year I’ll know much better.  My lettuce, spinach and potatoes are so happy.  Oh, and all of the herbs are, as well.

Hooray for my very first season!

Tonight's dinner

Tonight's dinner

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2 Responses to May Garden

  1. You’ll surely get broccolli – ignore the doomsayers. The garden looks gorgeous. I’m a bit worried about the tomato plant without stakes. If you hear a loud crash at night you’ll know you’ve waited too long to support the poor thing.

  2. Karen says:

    Don’t worry. I put a cage around it the day I got that comment from Herr Frank. It doesn’t show in the photo because the plant is so lush and full.. :)

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