Black Raspberries

Black RaspberriesJust wrote to Sharon to see about planting and care for the black raspberries.  Here is her response:

Black raspberries actually like partial sun but do need a lot of organic matter to produce well .

I would suggest that you give each plant 2 ft of space, a good shovel of well aged compost and a deep mulch . I would also suggest a drip system or watering system to provide water during fruiting in early spring if needed, as well as a deep mulch of leaves or spoiled hay.

Black raspberries need to be pruned each year and it helps to train them onto a wire to help in harvesting. You may also want to get a good organic fertilizer if needed.

You will receive plants that are ready to grow and you should not expect fruit till next season . I prune every March and advise going to the library and getting a book on pruning.  Please let me know if you have any more questions  :)  Sharon

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