Heirloom seeds?

My brother was just here.  He told me to go to a nursery and get Heirloom seeds.  Not hybrid.

Don’t know why.  That’s ok.  I’ll trust him.           Heirloom seeds


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  1. Kay B says:

    Hybrid seeds have been modified: ugly tomatoes don’t sell. Fruits and vegetables have been modified for hardier survival, not only in the field, but also in the box on their way to the big grocery store. Gaining one trait often means losing another. Most complaints I have is the taste. Grocery store tomatoes, for example, are firm but lack a homegrown flavor.

    Heirloom seeds have qualities that include a tastier product, even though they may not be perfectly round or whatever “glamor shot” image we think of when we are shopping at the market.

    Happy Gardening,


  2. Karen says:

    Thanks, Kay!

    Yes, ugly does not sell in the grocery stores. However, don’t we love them at the Farmer’s Markets??? They even the smell fabulous!

    I thought Heirloom was just a brand but it is also a type, which is what makes the difference. Have you seen the movie Food, Inc.? I still have not but have been told by many that it definitely makes your point.

    I love my home grown produce!

    Thank for your comment and your answer to my question.

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