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Thanks, Christi, for this great site.

Local Harvest lists all the gardening sites in your area.

Fruits, flowers, vegetables, gifts and so much more.

Check it out!

Arminda told me to order black raspberries because they are her favorite, so I just ordered 10 plants!  Ordered from Sharon’s Natural Gardens.  Here’s what it said:

“We were given these plants as a gift when we first moved here in 1978. We never knew what variety they were. They are however, our favorite berry, ripening right after the strawberries are done. They are about the size of a dime. We make raspberry vinegar and wine as well as can the juice and make jellys and syrup with them. We also dry the leaves for teas. They like semi- shade to produce best though will bear too in full sun . They need water when they are fruiting and like a good mulch . No insects or disease have ever bothered them It is best to grow them on a fence, though you can just let them grow into a thicket. We prune in March. They will last generations if you care for them.

All of our seed offerings were grown here. We have been seed savers for 20 years. Our seeds are packaged in original art packets, hand folded with 100% recycled paper. Instructions for growing are not on the packs but are on the listing under seed template. Books on gardening as well as many catalogs carry general information on growing seeds. I am available by e-mail or phone to answer any growing questions as well. You won’t find that service from many sources of seeds . The shipping on our orders also includes the processing and handling charges which is also less or equal to most seed companies. Remember we hand pack each order and drive from the farm to the post office to ship your order. We are not a big seed company, in fact not a company at all. We are homestead gardeners.”

I’m so excited!

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2 Responses to Local Harvest

  1. Arminda says:

    Thank you, Karen! Mmmmm – black raspberries!!! So many possibilities!

  2. growmygarden says:

    You have to help me take care of them. It will be “the Arminda Patch”

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