My Rosemary is Rooting!

My Rosemary is Rooting





17 days from the time I cut the stems and put them into a rooting powder. However, I cut a number of stems and also some Lavender, but this is the only twig with root. Hmmmmmm…

My Rosemary is Rooting!

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  1. I’ve had very mixed results rooting rosemary. I get maybe 20% success from putting cuttings in water, a bit better from putting cuttings in soil in a pot. I’ve got an experiment where I set a cutting on the ground and put a stone on it. I’m hoping it will root better in real ground than in something I’m expected to tend. I think I let it dry out or soak it too much when it’s in a small pot.

    The good news is rosemary likes pruning so taking 10 cuttings to get 2 new plants actually makes the old plant thrive so cut away!

  2. karen says:

    Thanks for the great information!

    I agree – you can hardly cut too much from the healthy rosemary bushes. I have a bunch of them, so I’m perfectly content getting only 2 out of 12 to root. I, like you, prefer having them in water so I can observe the process. Since I can’t see what’s going on if I tried rooting them in soil, I’m sure I’d over or under water, too. I’ll keep you posted on the progress!

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