I chopped down the remainder of the broccoli plants today. I’ve read about trying to get the plant through the heat and the possibility of some “side heads”, but it all seemed like a lot of time and effort for very little result. Broccoli likes cool weather and we won’t see that again for months so, I pulled them out to make room for something new!

But, what? I’ve decided to try pumpkins! I think it would be so cool to have my very own jack-o-lantern for Halloween. Can I do it? Who knows! But, one thing’s for sure, this weekend I’ll be planting pumpkins!

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2 Responses to Pumpkins!

  1. Watch out. They’ll spread and take up your whole side yard. With the way your garden’s been growing, they might just cover your entire house. How are the other creepers (watermelon, cantelope) going? Have they spread down the yard yet?

    Can’t wait for the photos.

  2. Karen says:

    I’ll give them the space they need! I’m going to move the watermelon. They’re not getting much sun at that end because of the potatoes. I’m going to move them to the other end. The cantelope are doing fairly well even though they have the same shade problem.

    Now, summer gardening. Hmmmmm. Me out in the heat? We’ll see..

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