To Hosta or not to Hosta..

Hi Guys:

I have one side of the yard that is sloped and very shady.  I want to know what to put there and I asked about Hostas.  I would love to have about 45 varieties there!

side area for Hostas

One suggestion was to get them from Lowe’s or Home Depot as the pricing is good and they will let you return them for up to a year if they die.

Another person suggested the Farmer’s Market which I absolutely love!  That’s where I found so many of my yard plants as well as the company that put the water feature and plants in our front yard.

Can’t wait to shop!

Hosta Sites:

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2 Responses to To Hosta or not to Hosta..

  1. Adeline says:

    How often do I have to devided a hosta”sum and substance”?
    any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Happy gardening to everyone.

  2. Karen says:


    You can divide every year if your plants are large enough. Early spring is best. One plant can be divided into 2 plants or into many depending upon it’s size.

    Thanks for asking!

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