Watermelon and Cantelope



My first year of growing melons was a huge success.


The cantelopes and watermelons grew so big and looked like the ones I see at the Farmer’s Market.

The day before Jim and I were to leave town, I announced that I would be picking melons the next morning for our breakfast and our trip.

Early that next morning he called me to the window. I looked out to see the garden filled with about 12 crows. Next time you see a crow, think of me and know that my garden saved them from our North Carolina drought…





Scarecrow anyone?

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  1. I love that you saved the local birds from suffering too much from the hot, dry summer. When the possums go for the orange tree here, I know the pickings are slim in the wild. They seem to love the mandarins but the oranges are more of a food-of-last-resort thing. My theory is to always plant enough for me, Frank AND the local wildlife – which ain’t always easy.

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