What a great blog!

Bumblebee blog

I’ll be using this Bumblebee blog a lot.  So cute and tons of information!

Thanks, Mimi!

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  1. Mimi says:


    Muckboots: Mine are 10 years old and wearing thin, so I was thinking about new ones. . . now they have these great colors! If you are in the garden 2 or 3 hrs a day, or raking leaves, mowing, etc. etc. these are great! You can wear with or without socks and can add arch supports. Not as trendy as crocs but waterproof and cushioned.

  2. growmygarden says:

    Oh, I love them. I have some rubber yard shoes but hadn’t thought about arch supports. I wear them in my regular shoes, now I’ll add them to my garden shoes!

    Can’t wait for Spring!

    Thank you for this info.

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