Yellow Twig Dogwood – update

This is an update on my post entitled Yellow Twig Dogwood.

Yellow Twig Dogwood - update

On Saturday, May 18, I planted three more starts that I cut from the branch Ellen gave me. These starts were rooted in water but took almost 9 full weeks from the time I cut them and put them in water until they were rooted enough to plant. Lesson learned: Never Give Up.

Yellow Twig Dogwood - update

I’m planting them in a different spot than the first one I planted to see if they do better in one spot than in another. I’ve heard that these dogwood shrubs like sunlight and a moist location. I don’t have a spot that accommodating, so the first twig is in 6 hours of sun but not moist, these next 3 are in less than 2 hours of sun but a moist area. Right now, in fact, I have them sitting there in a pot to see if they’re ok with so little sun.

I’ll keep you posted!

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