Blue Woodland Phlox

Blue Woodland Phlox

Thanks Ellen, for the beautiful phlox!

Blue woodland phlox forms clumps 12  inches tall covered with delicate 1.5 inch rosy-lavender to soft pink flowers. It is a spreading, native flower here in the Carolinas and blooms in early spring and requires little or no maintenance.  It’s spectacular as a mass in an open woodland, perfect for the border of a shade garden, or naturalized at the base of large trees.  Phlox prefers moist, humus-rich, well-drained soil and high open shade and accepts sunny conditions with moisture but will go dormant in drought conditions. 

Chip Callaway told us he deadheads the old blooms and gets at least one more flush of color before the season ends. Mine have been gorgeous for two weeks and last about five days as cut flowers.

Oh, how I love my blue woodland phlox!


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