I just received the gift of a new plant. Thank you John!

I’m going to buy a planter and put it outside.

Is it better to try it inside? Have you raised a bougainvillea? Can I propagate it?



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  1. Maria says:

    Bougainvillea, I love them and had many colors in my Miami home. They love very hot weather and if you have a sun room you could most likely keep them alive come winter. You can take cuttings and rotone the rooting end then put them in something like a seeding tray with a plastic cover so they won’t dry out while you wait for the roots to come in. In Mexico they were used as fences to keep the cattle from taking off…can you imagine a more beautiful fence?!!! There are dwarf bougainvilleas that make outstanding hanging baskets and are double flowered…gosh what great memories…thank you Karen and good luck with your gift. :}

  2. Karen says:

    Thank you for all of your amazing information!

    I will be planting mine outside today. Spent $50 on a planter for my free plant……

    I know these are tropical which makes them “annuals” here. I’m going to try rooting it and keeping one indoors.

    Dreaming of a Bougainvillea fence!

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