How to care for my Black Raspberries

Black Raspberries

Just wrote to Sharon and asked some questions about the Black Raspberry bushes that just arrived from her farm.

I asked:  What variety of black raspberry bushes are they?

Are they summer fruiting or autumn fruiting?

Any help you can give about soil, etc. would be appreciated.

Here’s her response:

I do not know the variety name of these berrys . They were a gift from a friend when we helped him pour his garage floor 30 years ago. I started with 3 plants . They like a lot of humus and a deep leaf mulch . They grow in about 6.5 PH .

If the weather is dry when they are flowering,  they should be watered at least till after fruiting . After that they are pretty drought tolerant as long as they are mulched. They seem to produce better in semi -shade with larger berries .

They bear in the early spring here, right after strawberrys.  We prune them  in March before they leaf out . You can grow them in a horseshoe shape OR train them onto a fence.

They are our families favorite berry and rarely seen in any market.  I hope this helps . We make jelly with them and can the pure juice ,as well as make wine with them.
HAVE FUN!      :)


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