It’s Almost Time to Plant!


But first, I have to get the ground ready, right?

My friend’s coming over to take some barrel loads out of the compost pile and till them into the garden area.  I’m ready to plant potatoes, broccoli and lettuce.  I had so much lettuce last year and just wish it would live through the summer heat!

So, I’ve been reading about when to plant and it seems that, with potatoes, I should wait until 2 weeks before our last frost.  Our last frost is typically mid April so I will be planting potatoes the first week of April (any day Farmer’s Almanac says is good).

I’m so ready to start planting!

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2 Responses to It’s Almost Time to Plant!

  1. Have you tried using a shade cloth when the heat descends? I was reluctant to try one and only did after everything was burned and wilting. Up went the shade cloth, most plants recovered and I kicked myself for delaying. The shade cloth will go up at the hint of hot sunny days in the future.

    I’m going to have to look for something easier to install and remove. Right now I don’t remove it as much as bunch it together to allow rain and cloudy-day sun to hit the garden.

  2. Karen says:

    I was thrilled to learn about your shade cloth because, no, I’ve not used one. Last year, I watched in horror as my poor plants wilted and collapsed under the brutal summer sun. Miraculously, they would come back at night, but only for so long. I don’t blame them for giving up.

    This year, shade cloth will be part of my regime. We’ll see how I do with it! Thanks for the heads-up.

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