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How to prune Black Raspberries

The vines on blackberry bushes are called canes, and they grow for two years. The first year, they are lush vegetation. In year two, they bloom, bare fruit and then die. Prune away old canes every year and keep new … Continue reading

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Terrific Garden Tonics

Jay recommended this book for gardening solutions.  Hope he brings it over so I can check it out before I buy! Thanks, Jay

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Black Raspberries

Just wrote to Sharon to see about planting and care for the black raspberries.  Here is her response: Black raspberries actually like partial sun but do need a lot of organic matter to produce well . I would suggest that … Continue reading

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Tilling the Garden

Ok so, here’s the thing.  Call 811 before you dig to find out where your utilities are! Yup, we hit the yellow tape for the gas line.  Had to stop and call them to come out and mark the line.  … Continue reading

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Post Carden

Post Carden

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Local Harvest

Thanks, Christi, for this great site. Local Harvest lists all the gardening sites in your area. Fruits, flowers, vegetables, gifts and so much more. Check it out! Arminda told me to order black raspberries because they are her favorite, so … Continue reading

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Blueberries, continued!

Thank you, Karen Small, for recommending Dab Finch in Stanley, NC, as the resource for blueberries.  I will definitely be going to Sanley! I love his site!  Wanna go there?  Click on the blueberries above! UPDATE:  I ordered 5 bushes … Continue reading

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I’m going to plant blueberry bushes!  This site has a lot of information about them. I love blueberries and the bushes seem to be on sale everywhere right now.  They say to have more than one bush so they pollinate.  … Continue reading

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Wayside Gardens

Thanks to Ellen Berry for this great link to Wayside Gardens. So many beautiful webites!

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Is it necessary to buy everything organic?

Thank you, Arminda, for emailing me this link. Don’t we all just love earthfare? A Guide to Organics – PART 3 – What To & Not To Buy Organic Posted by: earthfare | February 19, 2010 Is it necessary to … Continue reading

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