I just pollinated the lemons……….

I just pollinated the lemons..........

Wow, that’s a weird title!

But I did. My new Meyer Lemon tree is absolutely COVERED with flowers. Since we don’t have a lot of bees living in the house, I read up on how to pollinate them. In the nice weather, which is about 4-5 months from now, I’ll roll the plant outside and let Mother Nature take care of it. But, for now, it’s all on me.

So, I got out a cotton swab (the directions said you can also use a small paintbrush or tip of your finger) and gathered some of the yellow pollen from the “anthers.” Anthers are the male parts of the flower – long filaments with yellow pollen grains on the end.

I then rubbed the pollen from the cotton swab onto the female part of the flower, the “stigma” which is a tiny, sticky ball right in the center of the flower.

My attempt was to do this with each bloom on the plant in the hopes that two or three will actually produce fruit!

I’ll keep you posted.

I just pollinated the lemons..........

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