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Things I don’t want to forget about planting for Butterflies!

Butterfly Gardening: Delight the Eyes With Living Sculptures Kitchen designs, bathroom designs, and more ∨ Home improvement can start with something as minor as installing track lighting or ceiling fans.Search for a fun counter stool, clock, sectional and storage dresser … Continue reading

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Butterflies in the Garden

I’ve never planted for butterflies. Every year I’ve focused on something new: vegetable garden, shade garden, “rescue” garden, etc. But my friend, Ellen, has more butterflies than I’ve ever seen in one place. It’s not by accident, it’s by design. … Continue reading

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20 Lemons on the Meyer Lemon Tree

Yes, what started out as 26 is now 20. Why? Well, some fell off and I just removed 3 small ones figuring it would be best if the tree saved its energy for the bigger, healthier looking ones. Agreed?

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Mine are in the shade and over watered, but growing like crazy and beautifully green! Great Design Plant: Sun-Loving Bougainvillea Showers Yards With Color Architecture, interior design, and more ∨ Browse living room ideas, from a sectional sofa to unique … Continue reading

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Japanese Maples

Can’t wait to grow my own Japanese Maples!

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Fiddle Leaf Fig

Have you heard of it? Do you have one? I think I have to get one…. Play Up Some Fiddle Leaf Figs for a Lively Indoor Tune General contractors, home builders, and more ∨ Whether granite countertops, a custom kitchen … Continue reading

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Meyer Lemon Tree, update

Wow. My lemons are happy and growing like crazy. Yesterday, I had to prop up branches with sticks. Not very attractive, but the poor little tree is still fairly young and all of the lemons are just too heavy for … Continue reading

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Lions Head Japanese Maple – Shishigashira

Thanks to the Honey Tree Nursery for this information on our newest Japanese Maple. Acer Palmatum “Shishigashira” Also known as ‘Lion’s Head’ is a small Japanese maple. It grows in a stiff vase shape. The lion’s head maple has short … Continue reading

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White Spots on my Rose Bush Leaves, follow-up

As a follow-up to my post White Spots on my Rose Bush Leaves, I want to tell you what I did differently this year – to great success! As I mentioned before, I learned, after planting, that I had my … Continue reading

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Yellow Twig Dogwood – update

This is an update on my post entitled Yellow Twig Dogwood. On Saturday, May 18, I planted three more starts that I cut from the branch Ellen gave me. These starts were rooted in water but took almost 9 full … Continue reading

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