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Shade Loving Perennials

Found this video on YouTube and I want to keep it because I have so many of these plants in my shade garden. My goal is to eventually tag all of my plants with their correct names. Have you ever … Continue reading

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Herbal Tea

So far for making tea I have: (1) black raspberry leaves – from my black raspberry bushes (2) chamomile – steep some in hot water and I GUARANTEE it’s the best sleep you’ll ever get. (3) mint – refreshing and … Continue reading

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Gardening in Small Spaces

I left my lush, two acre southern gardens and came north to visit my son and daughter-in-law whose garden is a condo patio. Completely different way to think about gardening. When looking online for small space gardening tips, we came … Continue reading

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Growing Strawberries

I want to try growing day-neutral everbearing. Have you ever tried raising them? Summer Crops: How to Grow Strawberries Houzz– Kitchen, Bathroom and More » Browse Accessories And Decor on Houzz- For Example: Candles And Candle Holders · Fireplaces · Holiday Decorations · Mirrors · … Continue reading

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Dwarf Yellow Cedar

I’m so excited about this “free” shrub. Thank you again, Ellen! I took another class from her Saturday and she had dug up this cedar to plant something else in its place. She asked the class if anyone could use … Continue reading

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I’m a shrub girl who got into vegetable gardening a few seasons back. Well this year, thanks to the insistence of a few friends (you know who you are), I’m breaking into flower gardening. I’m actually pretty excited about it. … Continue reading

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Blue Woodland Phlox

Thanks Ellen, for the beautiful phlox! Blue woodland phlox forms clumps 12  inches tall covered with delicate 1.5 inch rosy-lavender to soft pink flowers. It is a spreading, native flower here in the Carolinas and blooms in early spring and … Continue reading

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Yellow Twig Dogwood

  My Yellow Dogwood has roots! March 13th, I took a cutting from Ellen of her yellow dogwood bush. It was one long stem that I cut into six 6-8″ pieces. I put the pieces in root starter, then into … Continue reading

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I just received the gift of a new plant. Thank you John! I’m going to buy a planter and put it outside. Is it better to try it inside? Have you raised a bougainvillea? Can I propagate it? Suggestions?  

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Mason Bees

My BFF Arminda just brought over a Bee House for my birthday! I’m so thrilled! Learning about Mason Bees: Mason bees don’t produce honey, but do pollinate, especially fruit trees. According to Gardener’s Supply, each bee visits as many as … Continue reading

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